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Wealth Planning Toolkit for Google Sheets - Net Worth Tracker with FIRE Calculators

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How much are you worth?

Your net worth is the scoreboard of your financial life, and it’s the single most important financial metric that you can track. Tracking your net worth is essential for measuring your progress towards reaching financial freedom.

The WalletBurst Wealth Planning Toolkit is the only tool you need to track your net worth and plan out your wealth growth on the path to financial independence.

Hosted on Google Sheets - no need for Excel. View and edit on any device.

No need to pay a recurring monthly fee for a financial planning app.

No need to connect your bank accounts to an app that could be hacked.

✅ All your financial accounts in one place.

✅ From the creator of the WalletBurst FIRE and Coast FIRE calculators with over 1 million pageviews.

✅ Multiple currency options: USD and GBP

What is the Wealth Planning ToolKit?

The Wealth Planning Toolkit is a spreadsheet hosted on Google Sheets that includes 4 powerful financial planning tools:

1) Net Worth Tracker with dashboard

  • Monthly manual net worth tracker with a 10 year time horizon. Each month, you check your financial accounts and enter your account balances into the tracker.
  • 10 customizable asset categories
  • Add up to 30 financial accounts (20 assets and 10 liabilities)
  • Dashboard with current balances by category and net worth chart with ability to toggle visibility of each category

2) Asset Rebalancing Calculator

  • Tells you how to reach a target value or percent allocation for each asset category

3) Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE) Calculator

  • The most comprehensive FIRE Calculator on the internet!
  • Creates a growth projection of your retirement investments and estimates the age that you can reach financial independence based on your inputs
  • Plan for recurring monthly income over different time periods as well as windfalls and one-time purchases in the future

4) Coast FIRE Calculator

  • Tells you how much you need to have invested now to “coast” to retirement at a desired retirement age

30 day money back guarantee

After having my WalletBurst personal finance tools viewed over one million times, I’m confident that you’ll love using my Wealth Planning Toolkit.

If for any reason you do not find the product useful, you can email me within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund, guaranteed.

👨‍💻 You can also email me for any technical support questions.

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Wealth Planning Toolkit for Google Sheets - Net Worth Tracker with FIRE Calculators

7 ratings
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