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Personal Budget Template for Google Sheets

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What is the Personal Budget Template?

The WalletBurst Personal Budget Template is the only tool you need to manage your monthly budget and track your day-to-day spending and income.

The Personal Budget Template is a spreadsheet hosted on Google Sheets (on your private Google account) that includes a dashboard and a sheet for each month of the year.


  • Add up to 15 expense categories and enter your planned monthly spending in each category.
  • Add up to 10 income categories and enter your estimated monthly income in each category.
  • View your income, expense, and savings trends.
  • View your spending trends by category and more!

Income and Expenses sheet for each month

  • Each month of the year has a sheet where you input each of your expense and income transactions.
  • Compare your actual vs planned monthly spending for each category.

✅ Hosted on Google Sheets - no need for Excel. View and edit on any device.

✅ No need to pay a recurring monthly fee for a financial planning app.

✅ No need to connect your bank accounts to an app that could be hacked.

✅ From the creator of the WalletBurst FIRE and Coast FIRE calculators with over 1 million pageviews.

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Personal Budget Template for Google Sheets

6 ratings
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